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Last Click Attribution: Last Call?

The inspiration for this article came from an invitation to appear on Rogue Marketing‘s podcast While You Were Working (LIVE).  Our topic: “What's the deal with last click attribution?  Is this still a thing?” What is last click attribution?  And how has it become...

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Facebook Audit: We Can Help

You've heard the old adage about doctors being the worst patients.  Sometimes, digital agencies are so busy with clients they don't give themselves a check-up.  Or a Facebook audit. As of today, Start Smart Now is supersizing its suite of social media services.  From...

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Mobile First: Making Your Site #1 On Google

In 2016, studies found that users browsed the internet on their mobile device more than their desktop.  Today, some researchers estimate that 60% of Google searches are made on phones.  As mobile continues to pass desktop, Google has announced an update called...

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Vision Statement: Let's Talk About You

Our vision statement begins with you--and a conversation.  Let's talk about your background. Let's talk about your community.  Let's talk about your challenges.  Let's talk about your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, your gifts and idiosyncrasies.  Then,...

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