Blog Article Writing

We offer very competitive flat rate pricing for blog articles. Check out our prices compared to Plus, we include 1 free stock image per every 350 words. It’s very important to have an eye-catching image that will be shown on social networks when your article is shared. Another bonus is that our articles include SEO (search engine optimization). We do keyword research to select a relevant keyword. Then, we craft an entertaining, educational, and engaging article optimized for that keyword. Original, relevant, and high quality content is the key to driving inbound traffic to your website! 

Our Price Their Price
Short Blog Article (350-500 words)
Includes 1 free stock image
$50 $99
Standard Blog Article (550-750 words)
Includes 2 free stock images
$75 $139
Long Blog Article (850-1000 words)
Includes 3 free stock images
$100 $199

If you’re serious about being relevant in your industry, we recommend that you publish at least 1 article per month per blog category. We can develop a year long blog publishing calendar and provide the original content you need to stand out from the competition. Start working with our writers today! Contact us