In 2016, studies found that users browsed the internet on their mobile device more than their desktop.  Today, some researchers estimate that 60% of Google searches are made on phones.  As mobile continues to pass desktop, Google has announced an update called the “mobile first index.”

What does mobile first mean for you?

In short, it means that your business needs a mobile first website!  If your site doesn't pass Google's mobile first checks, it will not be prioritized in search results.

How can we help?

Start Smart Now builds mobile first, responsive websites.  So, your site will provide an optimal viewing experience across a range of devices.

With WordPress expertise and design tools like DIVI, we've been crafting responsive websites for years.  We can help you connect with your audience and reflect the best version of yourself.  Here's how:

1.  Agility

Mobile first websites are adaptable.  They're fluid, nimble, and naturally adjust as a user  navigates through them.  Just as your website is a reflection of you and your brand, a mobile first website indicates to the user that you're meeting them where they are.  This way, you can communicate your message as clearly and functionally as possible;  SSN's web designs remove the barriers between you and your audience.

2.  Efficiency

Responsive websites are highly-efficient.  By building one website that naturally adapts to its device, you ensure that you don't have to build the same thing three times.  Feel inspired to share a few thoughts on your blog?  Easy!  Want to reply to a comment on your page?  No problem!

Start Smart Now's websites are built with efficiency in mind–they streamline the process of self-expression.

3.  Intimacy

It might sound strange, but websites have an opportunity to build intimacy with their users.  Think of how central our phones are to every aspect of our daily lives.  It's likely that users aren't visiting your website on a desktop monitor in a sterile environment.  Instead, they're browsing during their commute, over lunch, even before bedtime.  Through mobile first web design and content that's true to your voice, you have an opportunity to form real and lasting connections with your audience.

The central question of digital marketing is how to identify, find, and retain an audience online.  Google's updated index ensures that brands who think mobile first will stay ahead of the curve.

Increasingly, the answer's in your pocket.