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Start Smart Now is a small yet might digital marketing agency that has been doing business since 2000 when it was started in Addison, Texas. Over the years, Start Smart Now has been located in many wonderful places from Albuquerque to Lubbock to Houston to Oxford to Memphis to Birmingham. One of the joys of having a digital-based business is being able to work while on an adventure. Exciting as all that was… a time comes to settle down and find home. Start Smart Now is now happily rooted in Savannah, Georgia.

Whit at the Orpheum

Hi, my name is Whit Whitley. I'm the Founder and CEO of Start Smart Now. I've been helping people with digital marketing for over 20 years now… kind of hard to believe!

While my business has certainly evolved over the years, one thing has remained the same—my commitment to get results for my clients.

The acorn logo represents my philosophy about my approach to digital marketing and life. That tiny acorn has the boundless potential to grow into a mighty, mighty oak when nurtured and provided with the right conditions.

That's what Start Smart Now strives to do for our clients, so they can reach their big dreams. You're invited to book a call with me  to talk about your business. I will listen to you. I will take the time to understand you. The goal of the initial consultation is to see if Start Smart Now is a good match for helping you grow your business. If yes, I will discuss next steps with you. If not, I will point you in the right direction. You can expect to get something meaningful from our first call either way, so please reach out when you're ready. 

When I'm not solving complex challenges for our clients, I'm writing songs or playing my guitar, scratching my cat or walking my dog, eating good food or drinking good drink, reading good books or watching good films or enjoying good music or visiting one of my most favorite places in the world… Memphis. Here I am in the photo about to see Hamilton for the first time at the Orpheum in Memphis!

I'm always trying to make the world a better place with a smile and a good conversation.

The Start Smart Now Team

  • Megan Good, Account Manager & Project Manager
  • Hagar Elsa, Branding & Creative Strategist
  • Chris Wight, Inbound (Organic & Paid) Marketing Strategist & Web Analyst
  • Amanda Akamphuber, Web Content Developer
  • Paige Lee, Web Content Manager

We Want to Know You

Our data-driven approach is the key to our success and yours!