Gourden of Eden: Case Study

Our Client

Gourden of Eden is the hand-crafted gourd artwork of Annette Sprouls-Reasoner.  Inspired by a Peruvian gourd years ago, Sprouls-Reasoner began crafting unique, gorgeously detailed pieces and selling them locally.  She needed a website to show and sell her pieces to an online audience.

Our Opportunity

Talking with Annette, it became clear that there's an engaged community of gourd artists and buyers beyond Lubbock, Texas.  Our goals: to build a website that showcases GOE's artwork to a global community; to create a seamless, one-click shopping experience for buyers; to foster audience engagement with mailing list installation.

Our Approach:

We begin every project with a conversation.  By getting to know Annette, her background, and her artistic process, a design strategy took shape:

  • We envisioned the website as an online art gallery.  The aesthetic would be clean, minimalist, and spotlight the art itself.
  • The color palette highlights the rich purples characteristic of Annette's gourds.
  • The Home page is nimble and content-rich without being overwhelming, thanks to tidy organization and a sticky, anchored menu.
  • The site features a mobile-first design, responsive across all devices and compatible with all browsers.

Our Technology Stack:

  • WordPress: content management system.
  • WP Simple Paypal: shopping cart.
  • Paypal: payment processor.
  • Mailchimp: email list and newsletter.  
  • Hosting: GoDaddy's WordPress hosting.

Start Smart Now defines success by 1) client happiness and 2) data-driven results.  Our goal was to pair art and commerce with a gallery aesthetic and a streamlined shopping experience.

Follow the browser's experience:

  • The Buy page features Annette's one-of-a-kind pieces with a high-res photo, colorful description, and simple Add To Cart Button.
  • Gourd images site-wide are clickable, simplifying the shopping process.
  • Add To Cart automatically populates the shopping cart and opens the checkout page.
  • Shoppers buy easily and safely within Paypal's secure system.
  • By integrating our shopping funnel and mailing list, Annette's browsers become her community.


Our Client

Start Smart Now took my vague and jumbled ideas about what I needed in a website and turned them into a cohesive, attractive, and efficient site.  Well done!

Annette Sprouls-Reasoner

Artist, Gourden of Eden

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