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Case Study

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Our Client

White Rock Lake Properties is the official website for Dallas-based realtor Mike Schmitt.  Mike has been serving clients in the Dallas area since 1981 and has earned a sterling reputation.  Since 74% of his clients are returning or referrals, he needed a home base for his listings.

Our Opportunity

Mike's business is highly-local and specialized: he exclusively services the White Rock Lake area of Dallas.  In this competitive housing market, Mike's advantage is his intimate knowledge of the area, its unique neighborhoods, and (of course) what properties are available.  Our goal was to create the go-to website for anyone home shopping in White Rock Lake.

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Our Approach:

Our process always begins with conversation.  After getting to know Mike, we understood that his site needed to blend two elements: 1) his peerless knowledge of White Rock Lake and 2) client-friendly functionality.

We built a mobile-first website designed to be responsive across all devices and compatible with all browsers.  The design is customizable: we can easily tailor new content to each unique neighborhood and featured home.  Neatly-organized pages and app integration optimize the user's experience.

Our Marketing Stack:

  • WordPress: content management system.
  • Hosting: we offer managed, in-house WordPress hosting, as well as domain registration or transfer.

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Start Smart Now defines success by 1) client happiness and 2) data-driven results.  We're dedicated to your transformation and passionate about tracking it with data.  But your happiness throughout the process is our top priority.

Function & Results

Our web design makes searching for a home as intuitive and stress-free as possible.  From the drop-down menu, neighborhood profiles, map search-ability, and the detailed home listings, this slideshow takes you through the user experience.

NOTE: the journey ends, of course, with another page of recently sold homes!

Our Client

“I have used Start Smart Now for the last 10 years and have been very pleased with their professionalism, design expertise, and knowledge of what should go into my website in order to optimize the business I get from it.  I've had many solicitations for my website work, but I would not consider changing. Thanks to SSN, my site is #1 in my market on Google.”

Mike Schmitt

Owner, White Rock Lake Properties

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Nourishment & Evolution

Just as an oak needs water, sunshine, and fertile soil, your brand needs continued nourishment to thrive.

Our website care plans ensure that your business continues to grow, and that we're with you every step of the way.

For more than ten years, WRLP has benefitted from the diligence and adaptability of our Basic Care Plan.

Like White Rock Lake Properties, your business deserves its own process of transformation.  We'd love to hear more about what makes you and your company unique.  From acorn to oak–and beyond–we'll help you become the fullest version of yourself.

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