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Start Smart Now is a digital marketing team focused on getting results. We measure our success by your success. Our data-driven approach to digital marketing will help your business reach more people, get more leads, acquire more customers, and turn them into your raving fans!


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Our Digital Marketing Services

Marketing Analytics

Measuring your marketing campaigns is the only way to prove what does and doesn't work. That's why marketing analytics is critical to growing your business.

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Your customer acquisition strategy is the process your business uses to acquire customers. Your strategy must be systematic, measurable, sustainable, and agile.

Search Engine Optimization

We get your website ranked for relevant keywords on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and other search-driven platforms, so your customers can find your brand anywhere and anytime. 

WordPress & Shopify Websites

We build, rebuild, and maintain mobile-ready websites on WordPress, the world’s leading web content management system, and Shopify, the top ecommerce platform for emerging online businesses.

PPC Marketing Management

We specialize in Paid Search (PPC) advertising as part of our Customer Acquisition Strategy and for market research that can only be derived from a paid search campaigns on Google, Bing, YouTube, and other search-driven platforms. 

Email, Chat, SMS & Social Marketing

We help you setup and manage your email, chat, SMS, and social media marketing strategy. This is how you convert leads into customers and transform customers into your raving fans! 

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Our data-driven approach is the key to our success and yours!